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Espacio Tendencias - Feria del Libro de Buenos Aires

EspacioTendencias @ Buenos Aires Book Fair:
Lead Change without Losing Publishing Tradition

On 26 April, the Buenos Aires Book Fair offers the most exclusive seminar for the Spanish-speaking publishing industry: EspacioTendencias. A joint venture with the Frankfurt Academy, the focus of the speakers will be set on how to lead change – without losing the best of old-fashioned publishing tradition. Keynote speakers

  • Mike Shatzkin – one of the most prominent observers of the industry’s transition to the digital era, and
  • Ofelia Grande – publishing director of one of Spain’s most admired publishing houses, Siruela,
will talk next to Latin American best known specialists in sales, marketing, metadata and communications.

Isabel Schmittknecht
Project Manager Frankfurt Academy
Frankfurt Book Fair
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e academy@book-fair.com
Visit http://www.el-libro.org.ar/profesionales/desarrollo-profesional/espacio-tendencias.html to see the full day program. EspacioTendencias will be held in Spanish. Register at US$ 300,- and be part of the most intensive study and networking experience of Spanish-speaking America, at the heart of Buenos Aires!
We look forward to seeing you there. 

Isabel Schmittknecht
Project Manager Frankfurt Academy
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